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  • June to August

    Mo' Mojo

    Our Mid-Week Mojo specials are stretching to Monday to Friday all summer long!


    Honey-Ginger Therapeutic Massage + Ginger Fizz Cocktail

    60 min: $100 | Regular Price $130

    Honey has long been used as a natural way to revitalize, while ginger is known for its muscle-soothing benefits. Pino of Germany combines the two into a delicious and effective massage that is simply the bee's knees. Enjoy 15% off Pino products the day of your treatment.


    Watermelon Vodka Scrub and Massage + Watermelon Vodka Sparkler

    90 min: $150 | Regular Price $195
    Enjoy a slice of summer with the refreshment of a watermelon scrub followed by a clementine aromatherapy massage. Dry patches will be smoothed over, tension will dissipate, and your mood will be oh so sunny. Enjoy 15% off Farm House Fresh products the day of your treatment.


    CoffeeBerry Yoga Facial + Yoga Class

    60 min: $100 | Regular Price $140
    The fruit of the coffee plant is one of nature's most powerful antioxidants. Priori has done a wonderful job of extracting its benefits including increased suppleness, hydration, and a sublime energy boost. Enjoy 15% off CoffeeBerry products the day of your treatment.

  • September to November

    Farmhouse Fresh Triple Shot Caramel Coffee Scrub

    45 min: $75 | Regular Price $95

    Robust and invigorating, this wonderfully scented treatment will perk you right up! Leave with a noticeable, natural glow. Enjoy 15% off Farmhouse Fresh products the day of your treatment.


    HydroPeptide Pumpkin Enzyme Facial

    60 min: $99 | Regular Price $125

    A combination of pumpkin enzymes and peptides clears the skin of impurities while increasing cell turnover for a refreshed look. This boost is just what your skin needs to recover from the days of summer. Enjoy 15% off HydroPeptide products the day of your treatment.


    Rock + Roll Massage

    60 min: $100 | Regular Price $135
    90 min: $145 | Regular Price $195

    Sticks and stones have got a mellow groove going in this updated version of a hot rock massage. Add in a little bourbon aromatherapy for a completely luxurious experience.


    Hi/Lo Deluxe Nail Service

    90 min: $75 | Regular Price $100 

    With all of the shopping, cooking and hosting going on, your nails need a holiday of their own! Take 90 minutes to relax on a plush massage table while we buff, shape and polish you to perfection.

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